Teacher Training

From its inception, ARCO has provided regular high-level teacher training delivered by RBC staff members and visiting tutors from leading institutions. Whilst participating as ARCO teachers, RBC students were introduced to methods of Paul Rolland, Paul Harris, Essential String Method, and weekly online training through Colourstrings Minifiddlers. RBC students gained experience in all aspects of group teaching by assisting co-founders Lucy and Peggy Nolan and William Bruce on-site in Soweto.

Teacher training is currently facilitated by our Teaching and Learning Manager, Claudia Dehnke.

ARCO has received recognition for its innovative cross- disciplinary and multi- cultural pedagogy work, with a nomination for a Guardian Internationalisation Award, amongst others.

Through the outstanding training provided by ARCO, I gained the confidence to meet the challenges of teaching. The core skills I learnt were vital for my own personal and professional development, and played a huge part in my subsequent career.

Toby Holden, former ARCO Teacher

Gaining this teaching experience through ARCO whilst still at college has proved invaluable. I still apply all the knowledge I gained from the training sessions in my own teaching today. It has been amazing to see the development that all the students have made since taking part in the program and how much the charity has expanded over the last few years. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of volunteering for ARCO as a teacher.

Matt Johnstone, former ARCO Teacher

The project enables musicians, across the world, to work in an environment that combines a wealth of different backgrounds, experience and understanding that fosters in-depth knowledge and growth for all involved. My life will always be richer for working in this special project and the opportunities it has provided have shaped the person that I am today.

Alistair Rutherford
Supply Chain Compliance Manager - Vitaflo, Nestle Health Science

Learning music and being a part of the ARCO project provided a platform for my self-expression, creativity, development and collaboration. Being a part of this project has not only provided me with a sense of purpose but also a wonderful opportunity to connect and grow as a musician.

Your dedication to fostering a virtual music community and making learning accessible to us all is truly inspiring. It was such an honour to be a part of this initiative and I can't thank ARCO enough for the incredible experience.

Sinethemba Ngiba, former ARCO student