ARCO India

In February 2021 ARCO India was launched - a partnership between RBC and Chennai’s Sunshine Orchestra. The Sunshine Orchestra was founded by two-time academy award winner Dr A.R Rahman in 2008, just two years after the A.R Rahman Foundation was established. The foundation exists to create opportunities for people from low income communities through music education. The Sunshine Orchestra is the flagship project of the A. R Rahman Foundation. Through the ARCO Project, RBC string students and staff have been delivering weekly online 1:1 lessons to the members of the Sunshine Orchestra. This includes 4 violinists, 4 violists, 4 cellists and 2 double bassists.

Members of the Sunshine Orchestra are aged 18 and over, and music is their full- time occupation. The ARCO Project provides these players with their first and only experience of 1:1 lessons.